Oliver J. Richards

Saving the republic one rant at a time


The essays on this site are either written by me or by people I know.  Please note that I don’t endorse any of the opinions on this site necessarily: sometimes I write articles making an argument I don’t believe in to explore a topic or to make a point.  The purpose of these essays is to bring up ideas to encourage thought.  I reserve the right to change my mind about something or to contradict myself.  

I am a 31 year old, white male law student.  Kinda boring, I know.  

I don’t play for team red or team blue, just fyi.  (I refuse to call them Democrats or Republicans).  

I have great interest in law, technology, statistics, and policy.  I was a math major and taught high school math for 5 years before I went to law school.  I decided to switch careers because I wanted something more intellectually stimulating than baby-sitting (which high school education has sadly become to a large extent).  I did enjoy teaching because, but the value of the work seemed much too little for the pay off (both monetarily and emotionally).

I plan to go in to intellectual property law.  I was a summer intern at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco last summer.  You should check them out and give them money.  They deserve it.  I will be a summer associate at a law firm out in California, and i can’t wait to get out of NYC.  It’s such a strange place.

I have long been an advocate for open source software.  I have been playing with Linux for years, and I love it.  I am an Android fanatic.  Open source provides a model of how freely-shared information is great for society, and can be profitable.